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Students Craft Bowls To Raise Money for Needy

By EMILY DECK, Beatrice Daily Sun
Beatrice High School and Southeast Community College students are throwing their time away. Throwing pottery, that is.

BEATRICE, Neb. (AP) — Beatrice High School and Southeast Community College students are throwing their time away.

Throwing pottery, that is.

Students at both schools are getting their hands dirty for a cause making handcrafted bowls to raise money for the Beatrice Public Schools Backpack program.

“It gives you a nice feeling of helping out,” Cheyenne Noordam, a BHS art student, said.

The Backpack Program provides food to each qualifying family during the weekend. For the 2012-2013 school year, the program is providing food to 63 families.

Noordam and her classmates will make two bowls each adding up to 200 bowls from the high school. Attendees of the 5th Annual Empty bowls Luncheon in March will receive the bowls.

The process for making the bowls begins with throwing the clay on the potter’s wheel to create the form of the bowl.

“It is very relaxing,” Nancy Hagler, art instructor at SCC-Beatrice, said. “They say to close your eyes and feel the center.”

After the potters make the bowls on the wheels, they will let them dry, trim them up, glaze them and finally fire them in the kiln.

“One bowl from start to finish firing and cooling will take about three days to complete,” Hagler said.

Each bowl will have its own color and glaze, but those creating them try to make them to about the size of a cereal bowl.

Both BHS and SCC have their own pottery wheels and kilns, which cost about $1,800 each.

BHS art instructor Nelson Dungan said his students do college-level work while in his classes.

“I can always tell when I have one of Nelson’s kids because they know their stuff,” Hagler said.

Hagler and her students will contribute about 50 bowls. Local artists Patrick McKinney, Ervin Dixon and Down Under Pottery will also be creating and donating bowls for the event.

All the artists will have to have their bowls completed a week before the March 20 event.

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